Thursday, 6 September 2007

Trans-Siberian railway

Trans-Siberian Railway is the most important and the longest railway on the earth with length of the main route is 9288,2 km. I think it's very fantastic trip, wanna go if I have more free time : )

View of Selenga from a hill above railway, in Ulan-Ude limits, Buryat republic, TRS (5635 km), 04.08.2004. Author: Krainov Mikhail (Irkutsk)

Construction started 19th of May 1891 and it was finished 5th of October 1916

China frontier sign - gate above railway, near Zabaykalsk station [Zab], China, CHIN (6663 km), 1986. Author: Book 'Transbaikal rl. 100 years'


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